The Naturopath views their client as whole physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. Naturopathy aims to maximise the body’s own healing ability by empowering the patient to address difficulties in the physical, mental emotional and spiritual spheres.

The client’s ability to manage their own health is fostered by formulating an individually tailored diet and lifestyle plan.

Naturopathy takes a general approach to overall well being so it can be effective in helping with the management of a wide variety of conditions.

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  • Naturopathic Consultation involves taking a detailed history including diet and lifestyle habits
  • Explaining the basic principles of digestion and detoxification and nutrition.
  • Formulating a tailored plan to the individual with diet, nutrition and lifestyle suggestions.
  • Prescribing nutritional supplements, herbal and natural remedies where necessary.
  • Planning a consult strategy for support.

This is all done with practicality and affordability in mind so that the plan that’s agreed upon is realistic and easy to maintain.