Acupuncture and Naturopathy for Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a normal part of life.  In fact, the body’s stress responses are involved with our experience of life’s pleasures such as joy, exercise, excitement, love and sex.  However, our experience of stress is supposed to be fleeting and occasional.

Stress becomes a problem when our experience of it reaches more constant levels.  This can deplete our body and mind’s ability to cope and we can feel overwhelmed.  This is why stress is linked to almost all disease.

Since stress is so interlinked with everything we do now a days there isn’t any one discipline that is going to be the complete answer.

That is why at Callan acupuncture we combine diet, lifestyle, herbs and acupuncture to formulate and individually tailored plan that is practical cost effective and above all manageable to begin to build strategies to cope better with life’s stress.

Acupuncture has a well established reputation for its wonderful relaxation ability.  Having an effect on the nervous system and endocrine system.  It has a far reaching effect on your immediate stress levels.

Stress management course

At Callan Acupuncture we have delivered lectures on the physiology of stress and how best to manage it on site in business and in the clinic.  Check out the testimonials tab to see what participants had to say.