What can you expect at your first Acupuncture or Naturopathy consultation?

Initial Contact

When you call to make an appointment I will ask you a couple of questions to get an idea if there is any way in which I can help you with acupuncture and naturopathy or if you should be referred elsewhere. This will also enable me to give you a rough estimation of how many sessions you may need and what cost and frequency.

Acupuncture Consultation

At the first consultation a detailed history is taken. This enables me to formulate a treatment protocol and start to think of dietary and lifestyle advice that will support your treatment.

Needles are retained for 35-45 Minutes.


First Consultation

Naturopathy consultations are carried out over a two visits. The first visit involves taking a detailed history and educating the client about the aims and objectives of the lifestyle plan that is to be delivered.

The lifestyle plan is designed to empower the client to better be able to implement dietary changes and lifestyle adjustments. This lasts one hour.

Second Consultation

Last one hour where the client is taken through their individually tailored lifestyle plan so that a compromise can be reached about all aspects of the plan so that it will be practical and affordable. This approach is designed to maximise the client’s feeling of empowerment around implementing the plan.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Each consultation lasts an hour. Clients are asked not to wear makeup to their session if possible. 10 consecutive sessions are recommended.

Block booking & advance payment discounts will be arranged.